Application for a Band Reduction for Disabled Residents


Any person who is liable to pay Council Tax for a dwelling may apply for a reduction if a disabled person (adult or child) has his/her sole or main residence at the property.

A reduction is applicable if one of the following is a feature of the dwelling and is deemed to be essential or of major importance to the well-being of the disabled resident because of the nature and extent of his/her disability:

1. A room (other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory) which is used predominantly by the disabled person. This should be a room that has been adapted to meet the needs of the disabled person. E.g. used to provide therapy/treatment, a downstairs bedroom
2. A second bathroom or additional kitchen. This should have been specially built or adapted for their needs.
3. Sufficient space inside the property to allow for wheelchair use which is required by the disabled person.

If a reduction applies, the calculation of the Council Tax bill will assume the value of the property to be in the Band immediately below that described in the Valuation List E.g. Band F will be charged at Band E. Persons living in Band A properties who qualify for a reduction will have their Council Tax bill reduced by one ninth.