Listed Buildings Advice - Repairs


We can provide clarity on whether repair works require listed building consent and give general informal advice on repairs. Please note that we do not provide technical advice (for example surveying or engineering) and it is suggested that, where relevant, you also consult suitably qualified professionals.

Please also note that any works that are not repairs will not be considered under this service, and in these cases the alternative service should be used, including where proposals involve both repairs and alterations/curtilage/extensions/pre purchase/miscellaneous queries.

The charges for the repairs services are as follows:

• LB4 – Desk based written assessment based on information submitted, first hour - £55
• LB5 – One hour meeting on site and written notes following this - £150
• LB6 – Urgent one hour meeting on site and written notes, completed within 10 working days - £200

Any additional hours are charged at £45 per hour. All prices include VAT @ 20%. Unless otherwise stated we aim to complete responses within 4 weeks of validation.