Listed Buildings Advice

Pre purchase/extension/alteration/curtilage/miscellaneous:

The heritage team can provide general advice ahead of your purchase of a listed building, pre application advice about proposed extensions or alterations to listed buildings and clarity about whether structures on sites are curtilage listed.

The charges for this service are as follows:

• LB1 – Desk based written assessment based on information submitted, first hour - £75
• LB2 - One hour meeting on site and written notes following this - £196
• LB3 – Urgent one hour meeting on site and written notes, completed within 10 working days - £327

Any additional hours for all services are charged at £65 per hour. All prices include VAT @ 20%. Unless otherwise stated we aim to complete responses within 4 weeks of validation.

Please note that this service does not cover any planning aspects of any proposals and if this is also required then please click here for further information.