Pre-Application (Residential)

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New dwelling(s)
  1. We offer a pre-meeting service for new dwellings, the prices are variable and depend on the number of dwellings you are proposing. Meeting with follow up written summary and afterwards we will provide you with a written summary *
Existing dwelling - Do I need planning permission? (Currently Unavailable)
Existing dwelling - Will I get planning permission? Desktop survey & advice service
  1. This is informal advice, offering the best opinion we can based on current policy and information, without being a formal determination for your project. It is conducted as a desktop exercise and no site visit will be conducted. *
Existing dwelling - Will I get planning permission? (Currently unavailable) Site visit & advice service
Planning history check
  1. You would like to gather planning information on a property. *

Please ensure that you have selected Yes on ONLY one package.