Section 21 eviction notice - request for help and advice

If your landlord has given you notice to leave your home and you don't know what to do next, our Pathways team can help you with advice on your options and check the validity of the notice you've been given. Further information can be found here on the Government website.

To complete this form, you will be required to upload copies (or clear photographs) of the following:

* Proof of eligibility to live in the UK (e.g. passport, birth certificate, visa)
* Your tenancy agreement
* A copy of your deposit certification
* A copy of the notice letter received from your landlord

If you wish to apply for social housing you can check your eligibility and apply through Bucks Home Choice. You will be asked to provide proofs of your identity, your address and that you have lived or worked in the Aylesbury Vale area for 2 years immediately prior to your application. If you have children, you will also be asked for proof of Child Benefit or Child Tax Credit.

If you are eligible for social housing, it is not guaranteed that you will be housed before your notice expires. Therefore, we strongly recommend you priortise looking for alternative accommodation as soon as you can. If you qualify for Housing Benefit, information about Local Housing Allowance can be found here on our website.

You may also find help and advice from Shelter, Citizens Advice and the Government website.