Add or Amend a House Name Application

Important Information

Please read the below before making your application.

The Council can arrange for property name changes, or a name to be added to a property, which has a number only. (Please note you cannot replace a number with a name and the number must still be clearly displayed on the property).

Please complete this online application which will require a payment of £94.00.

If the property is in a rural area and is difficult to locate on a map a location plan showing your property can be uploaded as part of the application.

Please note that you cannot change the name of a property unless you either own it or have approval from the landlord. Written approval from the landlord is required in the first instance and can be uploaded as part of the application.

If you do not yet own the property, an application can be submitted when contracts have been exchanged, but the revised address will not be registered until completion. You should in this instance confirm the completion date.

We will consult with Royal Mail, as in some cases there may be a property in the near vicinity with the same or similar name. In this case Royal Mail will suggest that you make another choice to avoid confusion. After this, confirmation will be sent to you to confirm the acceptance of the requested name.

Finally, we will notify all relevant agencies such as emergency services and the main utility providers and internal Council Departments. If you are with a private company e.g. your telephone service provider, you may wish to notify them yourselves.

Please note, details of your property name/number will not be shown on an Ordnance Survey map until the details are verified and confirmed between the Council, Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey. This may take up to three months.

You must, therefore be aware that if you call the Emergency Services you must quote your old name/number as well as the new, as they are unlikely to receive the updated information until Ordnance Survey verify the information and include it on all new Ordnance Survey digital maps.